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You probably already know that Claessens® produces  only the highest quality hand-primed linen and cotton.  And that each roll goes through several processes to create a flawless finish.  But did you know that Claessens® manufactures more than 40 different canvases? 

SourceTek will begin ordering other canvases in limited quantities.  We are pleased to extend this offer to you.  This is your opportunity to order canvases you would like to try or perhaps use on a regular basis.

Ordering from Claessens® is pretty routine for us.  We have been doing it for more than twenty years.  Planning is key.  Not only do we have the manufacturing to take into consideration, but we also have to plan for the 6000 miles the order must travel to get here.

That being said, it can take 4-8 weeks for orders to be received from Belgium.  Please take that into consideration when placing your order.  (As always, we will not process your credit card until we are prepared to ship your order to you.)

Since we do not stock all canvases listed here, we will not be able to offer these rolls by the yard.  However, if you are sharing a roll with someone, we will cut or split the roll at no charge.   Naturally, there will be additional shipping charges if delivery is to more than one address.

To Order:

  • Select the desired product group from the chart above or scroll down the page.
  • Check the box next to item you would like and enter the numbered desired in the quantity field.
  • Hit ENTER or select "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page.
  • This will take you to your Shopping Cart where you can modify your order, checkout or return to the main Online Store page for additional items.

    NOTE: TPI means for threads per square inch.

    Claessens® Oil-Primed Linens & Acrylic-Primed Cottons
    Images Qty Part Number Description Retail Our Price

    #12 Oil-Primed Linen (Single Primed)
    This portrait linen has a 50.8 TPI warp and 40.6 TPI weft. Single-primed it weighs 11.35 ounces per square yard. 2 coat sizing. 82" × 11 yard rolls.

    2180.88 1043.14


    # 13 Oil Primed Linen (Single Primed)
    This portrait linen is their very finest. It has a 57.9 TPI warp and 58.4 TPI weft. Single-primed it weighs 9.58 ounces per square yard.  2 coat sizing.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    2352.17 1259.94

    #15 Oil-Primed Linen (Single Primed)
    This extra strong, tight weave, medium texture linen is best suited for artists seeking uniformity in their landscape canvas. It has 43.2 TPI warp and 36.8 TPI weft. Single-primed weighs 13.12 ounces per square yard.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    1571.37 848.54


    #20 Oil-Primed Linen (Single Primed)
    This rough textured linen is the least expensive of the landscape canvases. 36.3 TPI warp and 26.7 TPI weft. Weighs 12.38 ounces per square yard. 2 coat sizing.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    1490.58 804.91

    #29 Oil-Primed Linen (Singe Primed)
    This super heavy weight linen has a tight weave, an exceptional strength and rough texture. A best bet with mural artists. It has a 54.9 TPI warp and 31.8 TPI weft. Single-primed weighs 16.51 ounces per square yard. 2 coat sizing.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    1891.34 1021.32

    #66 Oil Primed Linen (Singled Primed)
    A favorite of artists worldwide due to its even medium texture, tight weave and strength.  It has a 43.2 TPI warp and 36.8 TPI weft. Single-primed weighs 13.48 ounces per square yard. 2 coat sizing.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    1949.86 909.37

    #109 Acrylic-Primed Linen (Double Primed)
    Has a medium texture and weave and is great for most needs. For a tighter weave try No. 166 which is the style 66 with acrylic priming.  82" × 11 yard rolls.

    1340.98 724.13

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